Product details of Matador I-Teen Geometry Box - 1 Set

  • td {border: 1.0px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement: same-cell;}Product type: Geometry box.
  • Brand: Matador.
  • Quantity in the set: 9 Pieces.
  • Packaging: Set.
  • Quality: Standard.
  • Color: As same as picture.

Matador i-teen Geometry Box - 1 Set

A mathematical instrument is a tool or device used in the study or practice of mathematics. In geometry, construction of various proofs was done using only a compass and straightedge; arguments in these proofs relied only on idealized properties of these instruments and literal construction was regarded as only an approximation. In applied mathematics, mathematical instruments were used for measuring angles and distances, in astronomy, navigation, surveying and in the measurement of time.


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