• Main Features
  • ● Dual-band WiFi, one name, no longer entangled to choose
  • ● High-gain 4 antennas, good through-wall signal
  • ● Double heat sink, the system is more stable
  • ● Supported5 GHz WiFi Channels :36, 40, 44, 48
  • ● Integrated signal amplifier, good WiFi signal, wide coverage
  • ● Optimize the connection for Xiaomi smart home equipment, no need to manually enter the password
  • ● Supports IPv6, IPv6 has a larger address space and improves router forwarding efficiency and security
  • ● Intelligent error correction algorithm to improve weak signal
  • ● Easily manage your child's online time and content
  • ● Combined with the intelligent speed limit function, you can limit the Internet access speed of each access device to avoid network congestion caused by individual devices
  • ● Someone smashes the net, notifies the mobile phone in real time
  • ● Smart APP, feature-rich, remote control: Xiaomi WiFi APP
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