Dual Edge Blades
Uniquely curved rotating, hypo-allergenic dual-edge stainless-steel blades trim from both the top and sides of the nozzle. Optimally designed to ensure a healthy amount of nose hair remains to maintain a natural filtering system.


Micro Vacuum Cleaning System
When in use, the micro vacuum cleansing system helps whisk away the hair as you trim, and Cleaning is as simple as immersing the nozzle under running watching and switching the trimmer on. 


Wet / Dry Convenience
No matter how much time you have available, it is ready to go. If you're in a rush, take the trimmer to the bathroom sink for a quick dry trim or touch-up or combine it with your in-shower routine with its fully immersible design.


Cordless Freedom
The cordless, compact trimmer is powered by a single AA-size Alkaline battery. Provided with a protective cap, the blades of the ear and nose trimmer are protected, even while you are travelling. 

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